Lego Chalet yeSki Resort

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Chalet of Ski Resort.
Kuvaka, dzidza uye upe mapapiro kune fungidziro.
It includes mini-dolls Andrea and Amy with winter clothes and Luna, the dog husky.Tem a ski hut with two floors and outdoor hot tub, kitchen, living room with fireplace, dining area with table and chairs, bedroom floor top with three beds and a motorcycle neve.Os accessories include skis, wooden chest, cups, pan, cheese, croissant, board game, leaflet ski resort, cellphone, sports shooting machine, perfume bottles, food dog and mapa.O Cottage measuring over 15 cm high, 16 cm wide and 15 cm profundidade.A snowmobiling measures more than 4 cm, 11 cm long and 3 cm wide.
402 zvikamu
Inokodzera: 7-12

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